Dear Document Imaging Business Owner, Manager, Professional…


  • Do you market and sell small and mid market (SMB) document imaging systems?
  • Is your sales team ratio of prospects vs. sold clients declining? Did your sales team close more than 50% of your “high end” proposals before, but today’s closing ratio might be closer to 30%?!
  • Do you believe that up to 70% of your discarded small to medium sized business (SMB) prospects could be sold with a well designed low cost / high margin companion imaging package?
  • Does your customer shop your proposed imaging software to reduce their cost and lower your margin?


The solution is VersaIMAGE-GOLD™. A product specifically designed for the small to medium sized business (SMB) market! VersaIMAGE has positioned this product as a feature rich, high margin (55%-75%) companion product that will complement your portfolio of imaging software solutions and will significantly shorten your SALES CYCLE!

What makes VersaIMAGE-GOLD™ your winning companion product?


  • In comparison to your imaging products, our list price is 30% – 40% less, our software cost is 50% less, yet profits are close to what you are making today! (See exhibit “A” below!) We offer standard profit margins of 50%-60% but volume dealers receive up to 75% !
  • VersaIMAGE-GOLD Software is feature rich with unique, innovative OCR bookmark capability, full image text search with auto-indexing features that are not found in more costly software! (See Exhibit “C” with our Mortgage Client’s Case History and Search Example!)
  • As a marketing tool we offer private branding of our software! This keeps your company’s name in the forefront of your client’s interaction with our imaging software and your prospects from price shopping on the web protecting your margin!
  • Your prospects can install the software and try it out before they buy!
  • Our technical support is personalized. We answer the telephone with a live person and transfer to a live person. (Exhibit “B” below)



  1. If you make the investment to generate ten document imaging proposals using your current software vendor(s) how many do you actually close and how many not? (1 sold – 9 did not buy?, 2 sold – 8 did not buy?, 3 sold – 7 did not buy?…4 sold – 6 did not buy?)
  2. Of the prospects that “did not buy” , how many would buy if you had a companion product like VersaIMAGE?
  3. How many extra sales could you book with VersaIMAGE “private labeled” for your business to eliminate comparison shopping and profit erosion?
  4. How much additional revenue and profits could VersaIMAGE add to your business??

CALL THE VERSA TEAM TODAY and request your dealer package!

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Sincerely yours,

Alex Brunner
Alex Brunner
Chairman & CEO


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