Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)

VersaIMAGE-CLOUD Software is available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) from VersaIMAGE Software Corporation.

While many of our customers prefer to use locally installed software known as “thick client” applications using our VersaIMAGE-GOLD products other clients prefer the “file cabinet in the Cloud” simplicity of operation.  The trade-off varies for each customer, in-house installed solutions respond faster, are thought of as being more secure, (which is often debatable) and require local technical support and maintenance. software upgrades etc.

Cloud applications require little technical infrastructure to support our VersaIMAGE-Cloud application.  The software is always up to date and support costs are minimal.  The drawback is that a failure in Internet Access or Service provider can keep you from your documents, ususally not for long but this danger exists.  We curretly use Amazon Web Services as our host and colocation provider with great success.

We offer document Imaging Service Bureaus a complete set of upload software that allows daily, weekly or monthly image and index information uploads to our secure VersaIMAGE-CLOUD secure depository.  We offer standard SSL 128 and 256 image and data HIPAA encryption for Medical applications.

How our SaaS solution works:

Initially we require information about a customer’s applications, background and needs.  We receive this information via your completion of our customer SURVEY form available on this website.

Some of the key information we need for a valid price quotation is listed below:

  1. Is this a newCloud based imaging application with paper and/or microfilm based backlog?
  2. Is this a new, Cloud based imaging applications with digital scanned backlog images to be uploaded to VersaIMAGE-CLOUD?
  3. Is this a competitive Cloud based application that will be transferred to VersaIMAGE-CLOUD?

In general these basic questions should be answered initially:

  • What data and image file sizes are involved?
  • What file types are involved?
  • How many separate database applications are required?
  • How many data fields are required for each database application?
  • Is database security required?  (I.e. Accounting cannot “see” HR files).
  • How many images per day/week/month/year will be scanned and uploaded for each database application?
  • How many documents or images will be in one file?
  • How many images if available, will be uploaded initially via external drive methodology?
  • Are pages considered one or two images each? Is blank page removal employed at the scanner?
  • Will customer require local web scanning capability to VersaIMAGE-CLOUD?
  • Will VersaIMAGE-CLOUD full image text OCR conversion be required?
  • Will OCR image text Search capability be required?
  • Is HIPAA tracking required?
  • How many users will the system require today, in six months, one year, two, three and five years out?

With answers to these and maybe additional questions we are able to provide you with a cost effective initial conversion and ongoing monthly price quotations.  Please contact our sales department at