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VersaIMAGE Executive Overview:

VersaImage Software Corporation (“VersaIMAGE”) is a Brighton, Michigan Corporation founded by Alexander Brunner (“Alex”) in 2001 to provide document imaging software and information management solutions to the marketplace.


Alexander Brunner, CEO & Chairman

Founder’s Background:

Alex, a native from Austria residing in Michigan for 30+ years, has an extensive background in analog and digital document management and the information management Industry as a whole.  Alex learned from Kodak and 3M in the 1970’s about automated microfilm systems.   He became an entrepreneur in 1976, when his company developed and globally marketed the industry’s first microprocessor controlled add-on microfilm image retrieval controller (VISCO).  He became deeply involved with equipment manufacturing, software development and on-going product innovation in the 1980’s and established OEM relationships with Kodak, 3M, Canon, Minolta, Bell & Howell, Agfa, and Fuji.

In 1992 Alex formed a partnership with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, of Volkswagen fame, to develop and build his next revolutionary idea – ScreenScan.  ScreenScan was a retrofit image scanning device designed to replace conventional microfilm reader screens with a digital scanning screen. ScreenScan (Patent # 5,645,335) won the 1994 Imaging Magazine’s Product of the Year Award and won Alex the Association of Image and Information Management’s (AIIM) coveted “Industry Pioneer Award”.

Alex developed VersaIMAGE software in the late 1990’s and formed VersaIMAGE Software Corporation ( in 2001.   As a matter of local interest, Alex had initially manufactured his earliest technological invention, the VISCO controller initially in the USA and later overseas.   ScreenScan, due to the co-patenting with Dr. Porsche, was manufactured by Nanomach AG, a Porsche company in Liechtenstein.   Alex’s intentions are that his third major innovative technology the new RxLabelScanner and analytics data mining software solutions will be Michigan made and proudly labeled “Made in USA”!

VersaIMAGE Document Imaging Software Solutions:

The initial product, developed in the late 1990’s and early 2000, VersaIMAGE32 document imaging software manages hybrid micrographics, paper and digital images in a single database.  With the transition of micrographics analog image based systems to digital scanning systems in the 1990’s the need for hybrid solutions was a unique capability very few competitors could offer.  Most new document imaging software developers lacked the experience and knowhow to transition micrographics based imaging systems to digital imaging solutions.  VersaIMAGE quickly became an authorized Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Kodak, Canon, Minolta, Agfa, Fuji and Fujitsu.   In 2002 VersaIMAGE completed the MicroDAX 5.0 scanning software for Minolta Corporation and in 2004 released its VersaIMAGE-GOLD product line that offered sophisticated document scanning and retrieval with image OCR full text search capability.

VersaIMAGE has software installations in the field worldwide in Medical, Educational, Financial, Manufacturing, Local and State Government facilities.  A partial list of customers is shown on this website, including such well known names as Amway, Ford Motor, American Insurance Corporation, Baylor University etc.  In 2011 VersaIMAGE completed the development and implementation of a new global Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) imaging system for Amway who is and has been using VersaIMAGE software successfully for over 15 years!  MSDS information may now be searched for and printed locally anywhere in the world.   VersaIMAGE’s Canadian distributor has been selling VersaIMAGE software exclusively for 15 years featuring installations all across Canada.

Business Intelligence Analytics Solutions:

VersaIMAGE became a business partner with Pitney Bowes Management Services (“PBMS”) in 2004. This business relationship resulted  in the development of specialized legacy document imaging and copier software management solutions implemented for PBMS at Visteon and Ford Motor Company in Michigan.

By 2005 VersaIMAGE added Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Business Intelligence software services to its offering which resulted in providing web analytics for some of PBMS’s Fortune 100 customers such as Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Price Waterhouse Coopers and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Specifically VersaIMAGE.NET cloud based web analytics is utilized today to compile massive field copier, printer and mail management data daily from across the country (via our VersaWeb input data governance module) to our central VersaIMAGE server for OLAP data cube preparation.  With our web analytics software tool PBMS managers and their customers can quickly analyze, via a few simple mouse clicks, large volumes of client copier, printer, toner, mail, telephone and transportation services usage and costs via a web browser.

In 2011 Alex became involved in a pharmacy project in Dallas, Texas which caused involvement with Nurses and Doctors performing government mandated Intake or Start procedures in patient’s homes.  He learned of the currently used cumbersome process of documenting medications from medication containers onto a Patient Medication Form or trying to use a computer or tablet at the patients home to correctly enter information while patients are talking, pets and other distractions are present.   Medication transcribing errors are a major problem in this industry causing the birth of the RxLabelScanner and Meditory LLC.

Alex has been a frequent speaker at AIIM, ARMA, SME organizations and has developed sales and marketing contacts throughout the industry worldwide.


Sidney Trey Smith          Vice President

VersaIMAGE’s Vice President of Development is instrumental in image and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application development. He is responsible for the development of key VersaIMAGE imaging products using OCR such as VersaIMAGE-GOLD, VersaIMAGE-Cloud, MicroDAX 6.0 (a product for Konica-Minolta Corp.) and others.  Trey has strong technical skills that excel in problem solving and entrepreneurial software development and has been involved with Alex Brunner and VersaIMAGE products for close to 20 years.


Ronald Bergman              Chief Design and Manufacturing Engineer

Ron has been involved with Alex and his entrepreneurial ventures for 30 years. With Alex, Ron developed a multitude of hi-tech devices including the VISCO microfilm controllers, specialty 300 dpi microfilm and document scanners and feeders with manufacturing facilities in Michigan and overseas.  Ron is a seasoned hardware software and mechanical design expert.  Ron is responsible for the hardware design, engineering and manufacturing of the RxLabelScanner.


Randall Long                      Key Sr. Database and Web Software Developer

Randy has an excellent 10+ year software development background in medical devices database design and cloud data management applications.  Randy recently developed a major global MSDS imaging application for VersaIMAGE’s Amway client.  Randy is member of MENSA and a top rated chess player in the USA.