VersaVIEW .NET ™ is a true “thin client” solution.  VersaVIEW .NET™ access module allows VersaCAR, VersaIMAGE32 and VersaIMAGE-GOLD users to search for and retrieve document images from selected VersaIMAGE databases via Internet browsers.

The VersaVIEW .NET module is integrated with Microsoft’s active directory, enabling both user and group based security by database and functionality.  Full support for Microsoft’s active directory structure makes security setup a breeze, keeps your data secure from intruders and simplifies the administrators job.

VersaVIEW .NET™ is written completely in C#, and utilizes all the power of the .NET architecture. The image processing is done completely at runtime on the web server, and does not require any third party controls to be installed at the clients PC!Our “smart nail” technology ensures that the thumbnails cached are always up to date, thus eliminating the age-old issue of trying to sync images with thumbnails. If an image is changed, the software detects there has been a change to the image, and updates the thumbnail! No more scheduled uploads of images. Images are always live!

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