MicroDAX 6™

  • MicroDAX 6.0 supersedes all MicroDAX 5 versions and is a flexible, easy to use application that is designed to quickly get the images you want from Minolta microfilm and paper scanners using the TWAIN driver and PC’s running the Microsoft XP, VISTA and Windows 7 Operating Systems.  Models MS6000, MS6000 MKII, MS7000, MS7000 MKII microfilm scanners and PS7000 book scanners are supported to scan and process images, save them in various image-file formats, fax, email or print all or some images on demand.

    MicroDAX 6.0 is designed to be as simple to operate and user friendly as possible. So while you might not need to refer to this user’s guide before working with it, there are some basic concepts you should review before getting started.  Specifically, you should read the section entitled “Getting Started” before you install the software and the “Concepts” section before you start working with MicroDAX 6.0


    • Scanning from Minolta microfilm scanners with optional MARS controller support, and the PS7000 book scanner.
    • MARS support including 2 and 3 level blipping and automated batch scanning.
    • Controls for the specific features of the various Minolta scanner models are brought out to the MicroDAX 6.0 User Interface via the Twain interface and on-screen Mars keyboard
    • Support for software features such as: Rotate, auto & manual crop, deskew, magnifying glass, image zoom, Undo & Redo, split, annotate and merge.
    • Single image preview / edit window with 2, 4 and Thumbnail view with adjustable image sizes.
    • Batch Job control – rescanning of images.
    • Many formats of images can be generated – TIF, MPTIFF, JPEG, PDF, MPPDF, PNG, PCX, TGA
    • Output to Printers, to Fax, to Email, to folder

    *PDF Output is used for printing, emails and Fax due to severely limited rights issues at security sensitive installations.