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Our support department prides itself to be available to our customers by answering the phones in person whenever possible. In cases where our lines actually are all tied up please rest assured that when you leave a message we will return your call as quickly as possible. Customer support is performed via the Internet and telephone to allow remote problem diagnosis and repair.

When VersaIMAGE provided hardware is involved we can usually dispatch replacement units same day or next via freight carrier of your choice. Billing for freight will be via customer credit cards. All Versasoftware products require a valid support and maintenance agreement to be invoiced and paid by customer yearly in advance..

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Sales for our products are handled primarily by VersaIMAGE Software Corporation and strategic vertical dealers and distributors. VersaIMAGE is the commercial product distributor for the RxLabelscanner which is Meditory Corporation’s “RxLabelReader-LITE” model.with software developed by VersaIMAGE for the addiction rehabilitation market..

Dealer inquiries are welcome please contact: Alexander Brunner, CEO

Key Company Staff

Alexander Brunner, CEO

Alexander Brunner a native of Austria, had his start in the Information Management Industry with Eastman Kodak in Washington DC and the 3M Company in San Francisco, CA. He took over the Michigan branch of the Mark Larwood Company, then a California company specializing in "Title take-off services" for the Title Insurance Industry in the early 70's. Alex built the small Larwood operation into Michigan's largest microfilm service bureau and then acquired the company.

At the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) show in Chicago in 1975 ALEX introduced the first prototype of industry's first microprocessor controlled microfilm controller (VISCO) with great success. He continued the innovative development with interfaces to reader printers from 3M, Kodak, Bell & Howell, Minolta, Canon and other manufacturers in the then new micrographics industry. In 1978 Alex pursued his dream to manufacture and distribute VISCO controllers worldwide.

In the 1980's Alex expanded his service bureau business with in-house developed Computer Assisted Retrieval (CAR) software and his own VISCO hardware solutions providing document management solutions for Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation in Michigan, Chicago, Richmond (Virginia), Atlanta, Boston, Washington DC, the Ford Motor Company and the US. Navy.

In 1992 ALEX sold his service bureau including his sophisticated raster to vector engineering drawing scanning operation to pursue his then new idea of "ScreenScan" a retrofit film scanner for microfilm readers (US Patent # 5,645,335). ALEX arranged a partnership with Nanomach AG, a Dr. F. Porsche Company in Liechtenstein for development and eventually sold his ScreenScan interests in 1996 after arranging OEM opportunities with Bell & Howell and Eastman Kodak Company.

From that time on ALEX has been involved in hybrid document imaging software development first marketed under the name of "Blue Water Software" (VersaCAR) in 1992 and later known as "VersaIMAGE Software". VersaIMAGE provides microfilm CAR conversion capability to clients who have outdated and mostly unsupported legacy CAR systems from Kodak, Bell & Howell, 3M, Canon, Minolta and others. VersaIMAGE provides very unique hybrid imaging solutions by interfacing with most legacy micrographics hardware devices via custom developed drivers and virtually all ISIS and TWAIN controlled paper and microfilm scanners combining "old" and "new" technologies in one user friendly system. VersaIMAGE also offers full image text search retrieval capability of microfilm and paper images.

In 2003 ALEX became involved in specialty industry conversions including automotive engineering and manufacturing projects such as the "Print Room Audit Solution" in partnership with Pitney Bowes Management Services (PBMS) a then global leader of management services solutions. VersaIMAGE had been involved in major development, consulting and services projects for PBMS at Ford Motor Company, Visteon and GM Europe.

2007 to 2014: VersaIMAGE became a PBMS Strategic Partner and increased its involvement in Business Intelligence applications within PBMS' Fortune 500 client base. VersaIMAGE offered web based OLAP data cube services for the enterprise, web data input, workflow design and publishing services via its US and offshore BI development partners. Versa "data cubes" allow web based graphical management analysis of massive data sources in minutes rather than hours or days.

AIIM Pioneer Award:

Alex is a well known imaging and information systems innovator, was one of the first Presidents of the Michigan AIIM Chapter. He received the prestigious "AIIM Industry Pioneer Award" known today as the Carl E. Nelson Innovation Award from the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) in Chicago in 1996. This coveted award is not necessarily given every year and only recognizes major contributions to furthering the information industry as a whole for a period of 25 years or more.

From 2013 to 2018 Alex caused another invention and the development and manufacture of the "RxLabelReader", a device used to scan three dimensional Rx prescription and OTC bottles to create two dimensional sharp label images for further image processing applications. Several patents protect the unique 2D to 3D scanning process.

Alex has been a frequent speaker at AIIM, ARMA, SME organizations and has development, sales and marketing contacts throughout the industry worldwide.

Randall Long

Randy has a 20+ year software development background including medical database design and cloud data management applications. Randy recently developed a major global MSDS imaging application for Amway. Previously, he has had core development roles in medical software and hardware projects implemented for Eli Lilly, Prosar Product Safety Resources, Starkey Hearing Technologies, and Pyxis. This background (including infusion pump interface software, web-based distribution of toxicologist exposure response information, medical hearing device user interfaces, and medical supplies inventory management systems) has provided a broad-based industry background toward implementation of the Patient Medical Profile web site and corresponding medical data management, from the RxLabelReader device through to cloud-based storage and secured caregiver and user access, including related HIPAA regulatory requirements.